Failing, already.

I’m literally the worst – talk about transparency, folks.

I started this blog, maybe seven hours ago, and already I’ve chosen a happy hour margarita and chicken quesadilla over whatever I was planning on stuffing inside of a spaghetti squash tonight as was planned (check back tomorrow because it’s actually really great).

Full disclosure, I try to be healthy. Emphasis on try. And I don’t mean healthy like all of these crazy fads, but with real vegetables. Real food. I type that as I’m literally slopping up sour cream with my quesadilla triangle.

Anyway, I thought we’d at least start with the basics. This being a cooking blog, let’s begin with my *ALL TIME FAVORITE* cooking (non)essentials.

  • Kitchenaid Spiralizer Attachment. I felt like the Christopher Columbus of the food world when I discovered this. Meaning, I added it to my wedding registry with hearts in my eyes only to find the magic it held. Yes, you can get a hand spiralizer like this one on Amazon for like, 1/10th the price. But if you have a Kitchenaid, SPLURGE. You basically set it, forget it and your body will thank you for how much better you’ll eventually make any vegetable taste.
  • Mason Jars. I’m not trendy. This is as trendy as I get. In reality, these are just cheaper and better forms of Tupperware. You can shove basically anything in a mason jar and make it great. Oatmeal, salad, vodka, you name it. Yes. Infused vodka. And it’s life-changing. Spend the $12 on the dozen set and I swear you won’t be disappointed.
  • Ravioli Press. MAKING RAVIOLI IS NOT HARD. I think I got this as a stocking-stuffer one year (or stole it from my mom, same thing) and will neverrrrr do the store bought rav thing again. All you need is a pack of $3.99 wonton wrapers and you’re a culinary genius.
  • Immersion Blender. Love soup? How about smoothies? Salsa? Cheese dip. I bet you’re sold on the cheese dip (I was). This handy dandy tool is everything. With minimal cleanup. And it’s relatively cheap. Need I say more?
  • Combo Rice/Vegetable Steamer. I can make a mean butternut squash Gorgonzola ravioli, but ask me to make rice on the stove and you’ll be thoroughly disappointed. I got this baby sometime in college and it’s beyond paid for itself (or as my dad ((and now husband)) like to say, you can’t afford NOT to get it!). Pick up a package of frozen pot stickers at Trader Joe’s and that in itself is worth this beaut.

I’m literally dripping cheese and sour cream everywhere, so let’s just leave it at this. Until next time, when I actually decide to cook something.



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