His & Hers Pizzas (But Mostly Hers)

There are two loves in my life. Okay, three if you include my husband (kidding, Conrad!).

Dogs and Food.

If you check my instagram, you’ll quickly notice those are common themes in most of my photos. And if you’re judging my life based on that, just stop. I’m a grown woman and I like it that way. Anyway, back to the food.

One of my favorites? Pizza. Duh.

Connor’s too, so pizza night is really a win in our house. In honor of Valentine’s Day (which is today, check your Facebook feed), I wanted to share our favorite “his and hers” pizza recipes.

His: Pulled Piggy Pizza
This is a copycat recipe from one of our favorite STL spots. I’m not going to lie, I was immediately horrified when my husband wanted to order this. Until about a two years ago, I was positive that I hated BBQ, pork and coleslaw. So you can imagine my fear when he wanted to deface one of my favorite foods with all of the above. Wrong. This pizza will not disappoint – even my father with the taste buds of a 5-year-old.

Hers: Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Buffalo sauce easily falls into my top 5 favorite foods. Yes, buffalo sauce-it doesn’t even matter what you put it on. I’m pretty sure hot sauce runs through my veins at this point, so sorry for being predictable with this one.

You’ll Need

His-Pulled Piggy Pizza:

  • Premade pizza crust (or get fancy, it’s your life)
  • BBQ sauce
  • 1 cup pulled pork – I like to use leftovers from my Instapot pulled pork, but any will work!
  • ¼ cup red onions, diced
  • Gruyere
  • Cole slaw

Hers-Buffalo Chicken Pizza:

  • Premade pizza crust (or get fancy, it’s your life)
  • Buffalo sauce – I like Frank’s Hot Sauce. Duh.
  • Ranch Dressing
  • 1 cup cooked chicken breast, cubed or shredded
  • Celery, diced
  • Red onion, diced
  • Pepperoncinis, sliced
  • Mozzarella
  • Crumbled bleu cheese


bbq-pizzaHis-Pulled Piggy: Spread a layer of BBQ sauce over the crust. If you have a thinner crust, use less sauce. Top with the rest of the ingredients EXCEPT the coleslaw. Bake crust as instructed on packaging. Let cool for 2-3 minutes before topping with coleslaw. (pictured left)

Hers-Buffalo Chicken: Mix buffalo sauce and ranch together to use as pizza sauce. Put the chicken in a medium bowl and toss with buffalo sauce. Top pizza with chicken, veggies, pepperoncinis and mozzarella. Drizzle with more hot sauce (or not, but I always do) and finish this beautiful masterpiece off with the crumbled bleu cheese. Bake crust as instructed on packaging. (pictured below)buffalo-pizza

Serve and share, because you love each other. And sharing is caring.

I KNOW, these are definitely not super healthy. But they’re absolutely worth special occasions/pseudo holidays (a.k.a. Valentine’s).

Have no fear, we are getting back on our 2017 Health Kick…soon-ish. I may or may not have told my loving mother about my most recent Doritos binge and she may or may not have gifted me a Whole 30 cookbook for Valentine’s Day.

To be continued…


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