“A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” – Thomas Keller, American chef, restaurateur, and cookbook writer.

Okay, whatever.

I live for the food. Good food just brings me all of the feels.  

My Instagram account basically consists of pictures with my dogs (because, priorities) and food (also priorities). I needed an outlet that wouldn’t fully annoy my friends and family, while still letting me document this passion of mine. Enter a lot of soul-searching (obviously with snacks) and some great advice from my J-School mentor, Alli.

First, some background. I’m actually a baker turned lover of all things cooking-related. My Papa taught me how to bake when I was little. He was one of those amazing cooks that never used a recipe. Or measuring utensils. I’ve actually spent the better part of a year trying to decipher his “recipes” since they usually refer to a handful of this, or a third sack of that. And never with the correct baking instructions on the back of his hand-scribbled note cards. Either way, his snickerdoodles defined my childhood and he taught me the secret art of pie crusts.

I also remember burning a grilled cheese ONE TIME while babysitting my brother and cousins. Twenty years later, they still haven’t let me forget it. I mean, we’re not all perfect people. Being just as stubborn as my fiery Papa (both in spirit and in hair), I vowed to make them eat their words someday.

Now, cooking is my outlet. For happiness, stress, frustration, excitement, when I miss my family or when I’m just trying to convince my husband that I’m killing this wife $h!t. I love trying new recipes, scouring the internet for inspiration and making my husband try everything in between.

After posting several concoctions made using my newest favorite kitchen gadget (you NEED a spiralizer – trust), my dad asked me why I can’t just make normal food. Which (after pulling my jaw off of the floor from that crazy talk) inspired me to jump up on my little kitchen soapbox.

Because life should never be boring or redundant. And if you ask me, food is the best part.

So in an effort to not get blocked by people I know on social media, I present you with Cooking with MaHoney. Because, you can never have too many MaHoney puns, right? First, let’s lay down some ground rules:

  1. I will try to cook healthy whenever possible
  2. But not always, because #balance
  3. I’m poor and promise to try to keep the grocery list/s to a minimum
  4. I’m no genius in the kitchen, but I will be transparent through the good, bad and the beautifully staged via Instagram


I hope that if nothing else, this blog inspires you (and me) to stop making the same thing every night for dinner. Get out of your comfort zone even if you just end up burning the damn grilled cheese.

I’ll forgive you.