His & Hers Pizzas (But Mostly Hers)

There are two loves in my life. Okay, three if you include my husband (kidding, Conrad!). Dogs and Food. If you check my instagram, you’ll quickly notice those are common themes in most of my photos. And if you’re judging my life based on that, just stop. I’m a grown woman and I like it … Continue reading His & Hers Pizzas (But Mostly Hers)


Pesto Pie ft. the St. Lunatics

When I was in college, I was superrrr jealous of my friends that didn’t have to work because they were focusing on their studies. I hope you read that out loud in a whiny, judgy voice with your eyes rolling. Because I sure did. But to be honest, I absolutely loved my college gig. And … Continue reading Pesto Pie ft. the St. Lunatics